Rhonda Caudell RN, CCM, CGCM

Rhonda is a Registered Nurse, Certified Case Manager, and Certified Geriatric Care Manager. Her specialty is in the field of elderly and senior care. Rhonda is not only the consummate professional, but she also has many years of hands-on experience that includes working with individuals and families as they have navigated through the various issues of life. She will be a tremendous asset to your employees as they deal with their own circumstances and responsiblities.

A recent testimonial from a client:

Principal Network Planning Engineer at AT&T Mobility
I have worked with Rhonda for over 7 months now. She's in Georgia, I'm in Washington state. However, my mother is in Georgia. I hired her to help me understand my mother's various medical conditions and what, for me, was a complicated mess of hearsay information about my mother's needs and condition. My Mom is easily confused and requires a number of services for her health. Rhonda's reports and recommendations are clear. She is on time for every single call. She follows up, keeps in touch, and reminds you of what needs to be done and when. She clarifies doctor reports, she tracks down mysterious doctor entities. She's helping me navigate the Georgia Legacy Link DFCHs system. This woman is patient, friendly, responsible, clear, and just simply amazing. The quality of her work has brought me to tears at time because she's clarified issues which have confused and confounded me for years. She gives me clear directions as to what steps I need to take to care for my mother as my mother wants to stay in her hometown area. Thank you, Rhonda Caudell, for all the good work you do. This is very important work and you do it exceptionally well.