Chris Roberts

Chris is a classic example of a successful entrepreneur, and he has owned multiple businesses. He believes that "empy-nesters have earned the right to fly," so to that end, he created and developed a program called "Free Birds Finishing Strong." He is excited about being a team member of LifeSeasons Resource Group. His passion is to implement strategies that will impact the well-being of individuals who may not be able to care for themselves. This includes helping to facilitate caregivers and provide them with essential plans and resources. Chris has raised a son and daughter with his wife, Susan. They reside in the Atlanta area.

Rhonda Caudell

Rhonda has a passion and years of experience personally caring for loved ones, as well as counseling others. As a nurse, she created Endless Legacy to share her geriatric care manager expertise with those caring for aging family members. Rhonda believes our kids and the generations behind us are watching how we care for our aging parents. All too often, this process is hindered by fractured and empty relationships between elderly parents and their adult children. After caring for many of her own family members (including her mother) in past years, she continues to treasure the time remaining with her aging father. Rhonda lives with her husband of many years and more to come. They love spending time with and watching their next generation, which includes three grandsons.

Tom Cioffi

Originally from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Tom now resides in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Prior to the launch of his own company in 2005, Tom spent years as executive for an international corporation. He has been married to the former Cyndi Starnes for 32 years. Both Tom and Cyndi have had experience as long distance caregivers. For over a decade, Tom was the primary caregiver for his parents who lived in Pennsylvania (14 hours away from the Atlanta area). Currently, Tom is helping Cyndi balance her full time teaching career and caregiving responsibilities for her parents, who also live out of state.

David Skinner

David is responsible for the advertising and marketing of LifeSeasons. His experience includes serving as Art Director for Record World (a New York-based international music trade magazine) and Doubleday’s prestigious Literary Guild Magazine. In the ’80s he relocated to Atlanta and co-founded Indelible Inc., a print, design and advertising agency. In 2005 Skinner created a design and advertising agency called Bridgital (as in “digital bridge”). His clients have included Fortune 500 corporations, colleges, churches and non-profits. He and his wife, Karen (who is an RN) have two children, a daughter in nursing school and a son in middle school.

David Thrailkill

David will provide the financial expertise for LifeSeasons Resourse Group. He has been in the financial field for over 30 years with experience in the areas of CFO, Controller, and VP Finance. David has a compassion for those who give care as he was the primary caregiver for his mother for many years. David and Genie, his wife of 42 years, have two daughters and three grandchildren. As a team member of LifeSeasons, he will have the opportunity to demonstrate his compassion for those who give care.

Lois Ricci

Lois's interest in caregiving and healthy aging is a natural outgrowth of her long time professional involvement in aging issues. She is a geriatric nurse practitioner and holds masters degrees in gerontology and nursing education, and a doctorate in adult education. She has spent more than 35 years working in hospitals and academia in the field of aging. Lois was the interventionist on a Tai Chi/Education study at Emory University, NIH federal grant aimed at reducing falls in the frail elderly population. She was the education coordinator for the Emory University Center for Health in Aging and then at UGA's Institute of Gerontology on the HERSA grant team that developed the Geriatric Education Center of Georgia. Lois now is an education consultant and develops and teaches education and wellness programs for older adults and for people who work with older adults. She is an adjunct faculty member at Kennesaw State University, Clayton State university, and UGA, Atlanta where she teaches the Professional Development in Gerontology Certificate classes.