POD Strategy

A LifeSeason’s POD is made of companies in close proximity. Each participating company in the POD will make a minimum commitment of hours each month for their employees to have direct access to their assigned Care Coach. The purpose is to empower your full-time employees with timely, accurate information, from a trusted source, that will assist them in their care giving responsibilities.

Local versus Spread Out

We require “local” Care Coaches to know the local resources and referrals that are valuable to your employees so that they can make good decisions on behalf of their loved one.

POD Strategy

Newsletter with General but Relevant Information

We know that 15 to 20% or your employees are providing some level of care to a loved one. However, we also know that 50% of your employees will be required to provide care to a love one within a 5 year time period. Now is the time to consider all the right decisions to make and to have the right conversations with loved ones to ensure that future challenges are minimalized.

POD Strategy

Lunch and Learns to Provide Information and Build Relationships

Building relationships, providing meaningful information is an ongoing, proactive process. The Care Coach Program is relational. All of your employee/caregivers want and need good information from a trusted source as they care for a loved one.

Utilization Assures Grateful Employees and an Improved Bottom-line

The companies that LifeSeasons desires to partner with are those that understand the rationale that providing proper support will improve your company’s ROI, even if that is not the key motivating factor.

Companies in the POD

LifeSeasons wishes to partner with company leadership that recognizes that caring for a loved one is a tremendous responsibility for their employee population and it is also a distraction from their on-the-job responsibilities. Leadership has the choice of empowering their employees through a relational support process (Care Coach) or simply providing them with an 800 number to call.