Free Birds

The "fall season of life" is usually triggered by key events in our lives, which send us a strong message that “life as we have known it” is about to change. These events could include something as basic as the kids leaving home. Suddenly, your career’s end is on the horizon, or maybe you've turned a certain age and the imaginary alarm clock goes off in your head that your life will end sooner than later. What follows is a wrestling process—sometimes extremely painful—as you ask yourself the basic questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose? What am I going to do now? Everything that you have invested yourself in for decades (which often defines who your are), is about to change.

Free Birds is a community of people who have decided that this season is a launching pad for new growth, experience and purpose. The "Free Bird Season of Life" comes with knowledge, wisdom and experience. These have all been gained (sometimes painfully) by going through a lifetime of experiences that have led you to this point. Becoming a Free Bird is as exciting as when you started your life's journey in your early twenties. What's more, the Free Bird Season of Life should be the most productive of all. Just think about all that you have gone through to get where you are today. However, to "launch" requires a defined process that allows you to embrace the past, get free from those things that hinder further growth and then discover the passion and purpose for which you have been created.

Free Birds Finishing Strong

This twelve-week series takes an individual or a group through the exciting process of discovering and defining the journey they've been on. It also shows them how to get free of the hindrances that prevent them from moving forward, and eventually, helps them as they are "Launching Out" into this new exciting season of life that we call Free Birds.
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