The Benefit of LifeSeasons

A company’s greatest asset is its employees. Your organization’s well-being and bottom line depend on the consistent productivity of your workforce. However, the challenge facing today’s companies is the fact that as many as 40% of employees (ranging in age from 28 to 62) are the principal caregiver for a spouse, parent, or other family member or friend. That’s where we can help. LifeSeasons can provide your company with a Care Coach who can empower your full-time employees who are (or will be) caregivers and equip them with the essential resources they may need.

The Benefits to Your Employees

Arranging doctor visits, monitoring meds, arranging for transportation, paying bills, buying groceries, listening, encouraging, and addressing legal issues are just a few of the issues facing many of your employees while they are on and off the job. Many of your employees are the principal caregivers for loved ones. Often even they do not realize the role they fill. Caregivers often don’t identify themselves as “caregivers.”

They are more likely to think of their care-giving as “just helping out mom or dad.” A caregiver is anyone who is providing financial, physical, or emotional assistance to a loved one. Regardless of the level of care provided, the one commonality between all caregivers is that it is an emotional, stressful, expensive and time-consuming responsibility. Caregivers are highly susceptible to feelings of guilt, resentment, anger, fear and anxiety. This experience tends to have a negative impact, not only to their health, but their work performance, as well.

The Program Includes:

• Onsite lunch seminars that address many of the important issues facing caregivers now or in the future
• Confidential, individualized guidance by phone, and email connection with an assigned Care Coach who will have ongoing knowledge of each employee’s circumstances
• Onsite introduction of your employee and his or her personal Care Coach
• Constant guidance, which will be provided by the Care Coach to direct your employee to available resources and options as he or she faces ongoing needs and the unplanned emergencies that usually accompany the care of an older adult

The LifeSeasons Care Coach Benefit Program Can Help Your Company:
• Increase employee productivity
• Reduce healthcare costs
• Reduce absenteeism
• Reduce "presenteeism"
• Provide a valuable resource to many of your employees
Assistance commonly provided by your Company Care Coach Includes:
• Answering questions about medical conditions
• Determining alternative living arrangements and housing options
• Educating regarding Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias
• Discussing the different home care options available
LifeSeasons Care Coach Professional Qualifications
A Care Coach is a social worker or nurse who is trained in individual client care, care planning, and care management of adults with special needs, or an ill spouse/partner and/or older adult(s) with physical, mental, social, legal, and financial needs. These professionals typically hold the following credentials:
• He/she should have a Baccalaureate, Masters or Ph.D. degree with at least one degree held in a field related to Care Management, i.e. Counseling, Nursing, Mental Health, Social Work, Psychology or Gerontology
• He/she is primarily engaged in the direct practice, administration or supervision of client-centered services to special needs adults, the elderly and their families
• He/she has two years of supervised experience in the field of Gerontology following the completion of the degree
• He/she is licensed by the state in which they practice
• He/she has professional liability insurance
• LifeSeasons operate in compliance with HIPAA