General Questions

Based on polling and research, we know that approximately 15%-20% of your present employees are fulfilling a certain level of caregiving. And, 46% of your employees will serve as a caregiver to one or more people in the next five years. Plus, 20% of those caregivers have considered changing their work demands, due to the added responsibilities of being a caregiver. By the year 2020, the number of employees who are caregivers is expected to increase to 30-40%, due to the aging of the Baby Boomer generation.
We at LifeSeasons are focused on employers with businesses of 75+ employees. The first few months will be spent educating management, particularly supervisors and line managers. Senior management assistance will be sought to familiarize your employees with your Care Manager. Utilization of caregiver support is the first objective. Success of this objective has the greatest impact to your bottom line and the emotional well-being of your employees. As the utilization rate increases, you will have the option to either keep your caregiver’s hours at 10 per month or expand the amount of time needed by your employees.
We enlist qualified professional Care Coaches. Individuals and their families will have the option to hire, beyond their employee benefit, the Care Coach for their specific needs if they need the additional support. When families are dealing with aging issues of a loved one, often there are family relationship situations that dominate and hinder the process. We believe that this type of issue should not have to be financed by the employer, but we do think that it is beneficial to the employee to have access to additional support.
A local university with thousands of employees recently discovered that there was a greater need for Care Giver support than day care for children. The U.S. employee base is aging. In addition, Boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000-15,000 per day and will continue to retire at that rate for the next 20 years. Caregivers have an 8% higher health care cost, due to high blood pressure, depression and other related maladies. They experience higher absenteeism and lower productivity. Presenteeism becomes a major factor also having the added responsibility of caring for a loved one.
From evaluation of other Care Giver support programs having a Care Coach that your employees can know and trust makes a tremendous difference in the utilization of the program. Historically, Employee Assistance Programs have included an 800 number that can be called when an employee has a need. Unfortunately, the utilization rate of these programs is low, ranging from 1%–4%. Every employee challenge and every family is unique as are the events that confront them. Having a specific Care Coach that your employee can trust for information is critical, and having the same person who is familiar with their history is equally important. This is a very personal issue for your employees. Addressing their challenges in the most effective way directly impacts your bottom line. The LifeSeasons program is one of the few Employee Benefit Programs that actually delivers significant results for both parties.
Without exception the greatest need your employees face is having access to good information from a trusted source at the time it is needed. Many employees can anticipate the responsibility they may face in the future. However, for your employees who are currently faced with this important responsibility they will be required to make decisions for loved ones as a result of emergencies and unscheduled events. Timely and accurate information from a trusted source is critical.