LifeSeasons Resource Group

LifeSeasons Resource Group serves individuals and organizations as they navigate through the challenges caused by an aging population. Our areas of focus are businesses, communities, non-profits as well as individuals and families.

• Eighty million baby boomers are retiring and do not have the financial resources to live out their remaining years. There are inadequate medical services, limited living choices and few ongoing communities that can provide a high quality of life and care for those who are elderly.
• In 1960, life expectancy was 64 years; it's now 79. We have added a completely new generation of people that will live 25 to 30 years after becoming empty nesters.

The Great Challenges we want to solve:

• Helping the elderly with fixed or low income to live out their lives as healthy and independent as possible
• Motivating those who are becoming empty nesters to realize that the most fruitful time of life is still ahead.
• Helping businesses who have previously dealt with child daycare issues to now provide resources to many employees who are caring for ill or aging spouses, parents, and grandparents.